Streetwear and Style Trends From Men’s Fashion Week in Milan

MILAN — Spotting people in bright colors is always a thrill. Outside the latest round of men’s shows, which started on Friday and wrapped up earlier this week, dressing vibrantly seemed to be the law of the land.

Bold floral prints and embroidered flowers covered jackets, shirts and trousers. Pink, a color I’d see occasionally in years past, was seemingly inescapable, brightening up lots of outfits as well as the occasional head of hair. There was also green hair, a look that Jeremy Sochan of the San Antonio Spurs debuted last month — about 30 years after Dennis Rodman did it while he was playing for the Spurs. Mr. Rodman, as it happens, was also a fan of gender fluid dressing, which in recent years has only become more ubiquitous on the street. I hope this trend continues.