Komodo Island Tour Package Prices from Labuan Bajo

Exploring the Komodo National Park has never been easier. You will need to arrange anything perfectly before joining the Komodo island tour package prices from Labuan bajo. The Komodo boat tour is the only way to see the National Park.

Labuan Bajo is a small town located in the west Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. This small town is popular for its tourism, beautiful beach, and landscapes. It is also the gateway to start the Komodo island boat trip.

Flores island, including Komodo National Park is one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. The island offers beautiful nature and culture diversity. Mean while on Komodo National Park, you will find the world largest lizard Komodo dragons and amazing underwater marine life.

The type of tours to Komodo Island are day tours and Liveaboard or overnight Komodo boat tour. You can choose to go ono a private or shared tour arrangements. Dive tour package to Komodo also available for day trip dives and Komodo Liveaboard dive packages.

Komodo island fishing trip is also available for a departure from Labuan Bajo. This type of activity is only available for a private trip. You will go fishing in the selected spots. Komodo National Park has a great fishing spot, there are over 10 fishing spots to visit. This fishing trip also possible to combining with the Komodo tour package.

Most of the Komodo island tour packages will depart in the morning from Labuan Bajo. However, if you book on a private Komodo tour package, you can manage to depart at any time you want. The private tour package will also allow you to select the places to visit by yourself.

What you will experience during the Komodo island tour package are snorkelling, lounge on pink sand beach, trek with Komodo, and hiking on Padar Island. You will also enjoy dive into one of the world class dive sites.

The Best Komodo Island Tour Package Prices from Labuan Bajo

The Komodo island tour price is based on count per person for regular Komodo tours, private and shared boat tour. For a charter Komodo Boat charter, it will count per boat.

A price for Komodo island boat charter is based on the type of boat you choose. Standard boat tour to Komodo will cost less cheap compare to superior, deluxe, and luxury boat tour. However, if you go on a shared Komodo island tour, that will be more cheap compare to private tour and Komodo boat charter.

Standard Komodo boat charter price is $1134 per boat for 2 days 1-night Komodo island tour. And $1340 for a 3 days 2 nights tour package to Komodo. If you do 4 days and 3 nights, the cost is $1541. These prices include meals and tour guide.

Superior boat to Komodo cost is $2102 for 3 days 2 nights tour, $2350 for 4 days and 3 nights private Komodo boat tour. Deluxe Komodo boat charter cost is $2380 for 3 days Komodo island boat tour and $2570 for 4 days Komodo tour package.

Luxury Komodo island boat tour will cost from $5670 per boat. This cost will include meals, chef, crew, and a private luxury Komodo island boat trip. The luxury Komodo tour will start from Labuan Bajo or Bali. You will need to make an advance booking to get a space.

3 days Sharing Komodo island tour package cost is from $189 to $504 for a standard boat tour. This cost will include the meals, tour guide, and crew boat. It will not include the Komodo National Park entrance fee.

Private Komodo tour package for 3 days from Labuan Bajo is $347 per person. There will be discounts for group bookings of more than 10 people. This cost includes a private standard boat, crew, meals, and professional tour guide.

Recommended Komodo Island Tour Package from Labuan Bajo

For your best travel experience to Komodo National Park, on this page you will also find some of the best recommended Komodo tour packages from Labuan Bajo. If you plan to visit the Komodo Island, you can choose to book one of these recommended tours.

These tours to Komodo are only available from Labuan Bajo. You can book for one day tour or overnight tour packages. The tour packages to Komodo island depart daily for a private tour and shared speed boat tour. Meanwhile for a shared 3 days 2-night tour package will only depart on Friday.

3 Days Sharing Komodo Island tour is one of the best shared tours to book in Labuan Bajo. This tour package departs on Friday and you will go on a standard shared boat tour. The boat capacity is 20 people with private and shared cabins available on the boat.

Full day Komodo island tour package with high-speed boat is one of the best tour packages to book. You will depart early in the morning from Labuan Bajo and visit 6 places in Komodo National Park including Komodo island and Padar Island.

4 days 3 nights private Komodo Island tour package. This tour will allow you to explore more than 10 places in Komodo National Park. You will go on a private boat, standard, deluxe or luxury boat, depending on your travel style. This tour package departs every day from Labuan Bajo. And the travel time is depending on your request.

2 days 1-night private Komodo tour package is one of the best tours to Komodo island from Labuan Bajo. This tour package will use a standard Phinisi boat and will explore 6 places in Komodo national Park. It is perfect if you do not have enough time on your holiday but still want to see the Komodo, this tour package is the recommendation.

For more tour details, you can visit the page Komodo island tour package price from Labuan Bajo. There are various tour packages to book including Komodo tours, Sumba tours, Alor tours, and Flores Island tour packages. You can also find some of the Komodo island dive trips from Labuan Bajo.