Jared Offers Emeralds in Its New High Jewelry Collection

People who spend five and six figures on exclusive jewelry from French luxury brands typically are not among America’s middle-class suburban shoppers. But Jared — the top-tier brand at Signet Jewelers, the largest jewelry operation in the United States — is continuing to bank on the potential of that hometown group.

A second collection has been added to Jared’s high jewelry line, introduced by Claudia Cividino, the former chief executive of Loro Piana North America, who became president of Jared in January.

The collection’s 14 pieces showcase emeralds and emerald-cut gems, and were designed by Shy Dayan, a Los Angeles jeweler.

From the collection, a three-strand emerald-cut diamond bracelet, totaling 42.89 carats and priced at $115,000, and a coordinating diamond lariat necklace, totaling 34.75 carats and priced at $95,000, were displayed at the introduction, held Oct. 30 at the Carlyle Hotel in New York.

The entire collection can be viewed online and will be exhibited at stores in Dallas, Houston and Phoenix, but may be seen at other locations on request.

Ms. Cividino said the high jewelry line, called Jared Atelier, debuted in 2022 and 80 percent of its first collection, which had 21 designs, was sold.

“The Jared customer knows who we are,” she said.

She noted that Jared Atelier was conceived not only to elevate the brand, but also to work in concert with the company’s in-store design service, called the Foundry, which operates in 127 of Jared’s 220 locations around the country. It allows customers to commission pieces based on family heirlooms or other designs, and Ms. Cividino said it had received orders involving stones as large as 40 carats.

At the presentation in New York, Mr. Dayan, who sells his own Shy Creation jewelry line through Jared, said he had been asked to create the new Atelier collection because he had done unique creations for clients such as Bad Bunny, Julianne Hough and Mindy Kaling.

“Working with a seven-carat pink diamond or 12-carat emerald stones brought to me by big jewelry brands and 47th Street jewelers aiming to create something bigger was my strength,” Mr. Dayan said. “Whether I make something for $500, $3,000 or $100,000, it must have the same soul, be silky to the skin and extremely comfortable.”

A similar scope, Ms. Cividino said, is among her company’s strengths. “The magic of Jared is that we serve many customers at $500, providing value, but we can also serve you at $50,000 and $500,000,” she said. “That is the beauty of this brand.”

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