A New Journey After Two Long and Happy Marriages

“I started to slowly think about life with him,” she said, as she and Mr. Meyer took turns visiting each other, and she joined him on a family trip to Puerto Rico in December.

In May, over dinner near her beach house on Long Beach Island, N.J., she told him she would say yes to “the marriage question.”

He waited until June, after he told her son, at a Weidner family reunion, about the likely proposal.

The following day, Mr. Meyer discussed a proposal with her over a piece of “sweetheart” sushi at a restaurant in Princeton.

“What is your preference: to keep things the way they are or to get married,” he asked.

“I want to get married,” she said, to which he replied: “Well, let’s do it.”

On Nov. 18, the Rev. Hannah Lovaglio, a Presbyterian pastor, officiated at the First Presbyterian Church of Cranbury, before 100 guests. Later, at the Nassau Club in Princeton, they enjoyed wedding cake, with fondant icing in golds, oranges, browns and tans, that evoked the striations of the Grand Canyon at sunrise.

“We both had very long, very good marriages,” Mr. Meyer said. “We hope and believe it’ll be just as good, if not as long.”

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