7 Most Stylish Dogs at Westminster

The Met Gala for dogs, otherwise known as the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, took place on Tuesday. Best in show went to Buddy Holly, a “fetchingly bewhiskered” petit basset griffon Vendéen.

Although our Most Styles-ish roundups usually highlight adventurous fashion moments among humans, we decided to extend the same courtesy to our canine compatriots on their big night. They took the spongy green surface at Arthur Ashe Stadium with sleek blowouts, expert runway walks and a whole lot of attitude — turning in memorable looks, no clothing or accessories necessary.

The nine dogs recognized below may not have won, but they captured our attention out of a field of more than 2,500 competitors. We may not be qualified to judge a dog show, but we know flair when we see it.

Out of a janitor’s closet and into the bright lights of Artur Ashe Stadium. Addie’s thick white cords of hair concealed her eyes, her legs and her basically everything as she swept through the working group.

Are we absolutely certain there’s a dog under there? A mountain of beige lint that reportedly contains a Pekingese named Rummie (short for Rum Dum) claimed second place. This thing looks sweet, whatever it is, and we hope it never crosses paths with one of those robot vacuums.

Lepshi is owned by the country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Perhaps that caramel-dappled coat will next be spotted onstage at the Country Music Awards, or inspiring a Taylor Swift song. Either way, the dog was the first champion among the bracco Italianos, the newest breed at Westminster.

The most luxurious blowout of the competition belonged to Zaida. Stylists must know: Was it a Dyson AirWrap that smoothed those face-framing layers?

Winston was the competition’s runner-up last year. His wide-set eyes and perky ears were back with a vengeance this year, scoring an early win in the non-sporting group. Don’t be fooled by Winston’s smushy smile: This dog will do whatever it takes to someday complete his redemption arc and become the first French bulldog to win best in show.

The winner of the working group had a handlebar mustache and a long, pointy black beard. His bushy eyebrows swept over his eyes like the bangs of an emo kid, and his stubby tail pointed skyward as he marched around the stadium with perfect posture.

Petite but poised, this marshmallowy bichon frisé resembles the suds on top of a bubble bath. The dog placed fourth in the non-sporting group, but has a full name with a big presence: Neverland Staz Moon River Wider Than a Mile.

A gravity-defying horticultural masterpiece. Hedges, take note.

We can’t tell you exactly why this fella reminds us of the popular downtown meme account, but he does. We expect to see him post-show making fun of the espresso martini sippers of Dimes Square.

Sumber: www.nytimes.com